Tuesday, June 20, 2017

In the merry month of May and June

May - seemed cooler and wetter than norm. On one occasion we found other things to do when the steady drizzle seemed too uninviting to row (a rarity in our book). Even into June the cooler weather has persisted. The Festival of Sails although a damp affair provided excitement and community involvement.  The WOWers would like to welcome two new participants - Teri and Lisa - Welcome!

Like the proverbial velveteen rabbit, Verite is full to the brim of memories. So much so she leaks just a little. This 'little' oar boat could tell stories about adventures at low tide, yellow rubber duckies and laughing inside her hard she rocks. Verite has the power to make us leave our 'baggage' on the dock and the gentleness to lighten  the spirit. Now those are what you call true blessings - not those fake ones you hear about on the news.

Have you noticed there are always treats? Well, would you turn                                                                                 down fresh homemade pita bread?





Festival of Sails  - June 15 - 18, 2017






Sunday, April 30, 2017

King George!

I could tell you stories about being aboard the Verite in April, but it would include statistics about the RAIN, wind and level of saturation of garments or the depth of the tide (not!). I would much rather tell the tale of King George. 

King George is not who you think he is, but more like what.

King George is a incredible rhododendron with powerful fragrance shrub of incredible beauty. The pink buds (the length of your hand) gradually turn white as they open.  They are literally the size of a lily flower and just as gorgeous. 

The WOWers and friends had the pleasure of being invited to a King George Party yesteday. We wined and dined under the blossoms of King George and his princess - Kwansan Cherry. There were only a few rules  - wear pink and bring pink. 

The variety of pinks was quite the treat - like real strawberry flavored popcorn. Of course there were beet treats and rhubarb cake, raspberry delights, tabouli (imagine that!), wild sparkly cupcakes and dainty pink cream puffs, buckets of shrimp with pink sauces, lemonade with pink champagne just to name a few things. It was a delightful pink feast for eye and gullet, but better than that... the attire... well... see for yourself. 

But then "she arrived"!
All in pink and sporting these wild things around her neck. 

Some even went as far as firing up their hair but
 the topic for the whole afternoon was what are they? 
Some said fox. 

They didn't appear to be mink. What about ermine in it's dark phase? 
Of course there was discussion about how to wear the kissing furred festoon. 
I think you'd be shocked how many ways you can wear it. 
You only need imagination!

Hear hear, a salute to King George,
 Queen of quite a lot, 
Princess Kwansan Cherry 
and to the best hostess ever 
WOWer Sally.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Singing in the Rain

What a beautiful feeling with rain in my face, my white-ees are wet, and seals slithering by give all a big high... just singing, singing in the rain.

Splish, splash - like taking a bath.
Seven certifiably crazy women went out into the bay.
Yes, yes we did.
And you know what? It was fun!

Verite was a bit full.

The birthday girl!

Hot Lifeboat tea, birthday cake, and some other wonderful treats... 
it just doesn't get better - rain or shine.