Thursday, September 20, 2018

September skies

It was a lovely day on the water.

There was a slight breeze, the tide was high and nearly a full boat. 
Anything is possible under those conditions. 
Dingle, the harbor seal came round several times. She's a bit shy so no pictures this time. 

We take it easy.... as several participated in the big fundraiser for the 
Youth Marine Foundation the day before. 
Rain hats off to Sally who always represents Vérité with positivism. 
See us clapping for her!

Most of us would have traded the fancy meal and all the hoopla for time on the boat. 
Well, except for the cookies that were served - because we made them! 
They were delicious. Thank you bakers - the guests enjoyed them too. 
There weren't a one left either!

Nice treats always make everything better, especially rowing.,
unless of course there are so many treats you can't decided what to have!
This time we were nearly in danger of reaching our treat capacity. 
There were finger sandwiches - egg salad, zucchini nut with cream cheese spread.
A ton of nuts, tomatoes, hummm... what else...
oh, basil, motzarella and tomatoes, pear pecan muffins, some kind of cookie like spiced pumpkin?
chocolates, cheese and crackers, and I know there was more. Just no picture verification. 
 It looked like a blooming meal!

Those other boats coming in just better give us room to spread out the treats!

And of course there's always, almost always hot tea!
Lifeboat Tea! (or lemon ginger)
Thanks to Kathleen for slogging the heavy thermoses and cups because
without it, some of us might fall asleep over our full tummies. 

I know.. it is a rough life. 

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Soggy Bottom Gang

We hadn't rowed very far from our slip when it started to rain. It wasn't very cold so we kept going, but then there was this moment  when the sky opened up and dumped. To our surprise it just kept coming down. Just call us the Soggy Bottom Gang. The water pelted the surface of the waterway so hard it was pocked like hammered steel. At times almost felt like hail. Yet it was with some reluctance the crew turn for home but good as some couldn't see out of their glasses.

So refreshing!
But being soggy isn't exactly how you want to be when attending a 3 hour training!
We poured our shoes out and added dry layers, 
but were not singing the virtues of cotton this day. 
Then someone said Marion berry pie with ice cream and Lifeboat tea
and we forgot all about it.  
Now, that's what I'm talking about - fortification! 
Pie and a pile of fresh grown carrots, cucumbers, fresh purple haricots and more...

Fortunately our teeth didn't start chattering until the last page of our test. 
Who knew we would be putting on our car heaters on the way home this time of year?

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Summer is over

I can only say for myself, this past summer was a different type of summer. I wasn't in the flow. I was caught in the eddy of life's swirl preventing me from participating in one of my main joys - rowing on Vérité.  As a result our blog has been silent until now. Thankfully the rest of the crew carried on. I will post what I have of this past summer. (They rowed most every Monday with a few exceptions, but didn't always remember to take a picture for me...I am certain they were having way too much fun.) What you should also know is this group of women are extraordinary. If they see a need they fill it. Their mantra is "together we can do anything" and they can! Plus they are the most compassionate and caring group ever! 

In June when the crew heard that one of our members needed some help they jumped on it. Together they tidied the garden in no time. It was a blessing to our crew member and enjoyable for the group to work together on a different kind of task. Lunch in such a beautiful space was a bonus.

Ready for the road trip

Avocado and kiwi... yum

The WOWers rowed and rowed throughout June and July, but then they decided...
 that last road trip was so much fun they offered to help me out too. 
WOW - not only stands for women on the water, but also for Wonderful O-mazing Women!
They worked really hard as you can see, the blackberry treats helped. 
We played too and then broke bread. 
What a lovely day it was being together. 
A real boon to someone who has house bound. 

Out in Raven Lodge - the girly she-shed

The crew went out on more rows. I suppose it was while they were out on the bay
having tea and treats under the  summer sun 
they got another great idea. 
They could go back out to Voski's!
Surely there was something that needed doing.
 It is such a magical place it calls to you.
 Indeed, there were figs to dehydrate and edges to tame.
The WOWers showed up in force.
There were the reachers and the climbers... 

and pointers...

and a taster...

but the best part of course was time spent together
(okay... and the consuming of all manner of summer delights.) 

When the day was done we all headed to the beach just to put our feet in.
It was a lovely ending to a wonderful day. 

Thank you Voski for LETTING us come. 

But wait, August didn't end there.

There was the week that Seattle receive nation-wide press 
about being the worst air quality in the world. 
It was also my first row in months...
needless to say, it was a muffled welcome back. 

Talk about women with Persistence!

And then there was the last row of August....
Look at the fun.

So much so... even the young one is smiling. 

And now... summer's over... but I am caught up. 

Can you feel the subtle change in light, in the air, in the slant of the sun?
A new season is ahead... perfect for tea and treats on the bay. 

The morning had dawned clear and cold, with a crispness that hinted at the end of summer.  George R.R. Martin

By all these lovely tokens September days are here, 

With summer's best of weather And autumn's best of cheer.    

Helen Hunt Jackson

Thursday, May 10, 2018

The best of three rows

The WOWer's boating season is off to a good start. The following images are from April 23, April 30 and May 7th. So often it is just Dingle (the harbor seal) and us out on the water however on our first row there was a drone dispsy-doodling over our heads. Yes, perhaps we look like a wild bunch  that needed surveillance.  The boat often rocks a lot, but that's just laughter rolling out. Of course there's always someone free arm waving to emphasis a point. Yes, perhaps we are dangerous. Why? Because what we set our minds to do, we do it.

Come row with us.... but you might have to be willing to be silly. Thank you Jennifer for wearing the wreath... on your first row too!

On calm waters we even celebrate birthdays.

And when some can't row they can hardly stand it! 
They come watch. 
We love watching them watching us. 
It feels like someone on shore really cares to send us off. 
It is like the reenactment of the ancient mariners bond.