Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Summer's ending

It has been a the most unusual of summers. A summer without rain. It has felt "other country" and then "other worldly".

In August many of the crew had an opportunity to see a play called "The Other Country".  It was all about Thea Foss - a heroine that continues to inspire us all.

And then the "other worldly" event happened. A sunclipse!!!!
Oh, my goodness. Was that fun or what?

Can you see the seagull passing through the sun?

Can you see the moon shape?

We had spirit Yes WE DID!
and good food too!

There is no end to the spirit once it is stimulated by good friends, good food and good times.
A great environment always helps.
Whether it be on the west coast or on the east coast - there are women who like to gather by the sea.
To spend some time upon the water with like-minded folks is heaven on earth.

A small little contingent of the WOWers went to the "other side" of our US world.
Guess what they found...

They found good food, good times and water to play on. 

But in the end... I think they will agree - there's no place like home near the Salish Sea.
To have a full boat 
and our own personal mermaid

 is almost all one needs!

New adventures are to come.  Just you wait and see!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Sturgeon Moon

Look who greeted us on our way to the boat.  This little guy was strutting around... barely clothed... only dressed in pin feathers.  He wasn't very shy either.  Looks a bit prehistoric don't you think?

Our happy troop of 10 WOWers pushed off the dock during mid tide for a lovely row on Monday 
and with a few sets of power strokes and we were around Felicity. 

Fortunately the smoke wasn't too overwhelming.  
This is the second week of thick haze and smoke from the fires in British Columbia.

I wish I has taken a picture of the stuffed figs wrapped in bacon. Talk about spoiled!
Yes, yes we are!

Later that night... the sun was a glorious pink. Or should I say red?

The Sturgeon Moon of August is sometimes referred to as the Red Moon because, as the Moon rises in August, it appears reddish through any sultry haze. August’s full moon has also been called the Green Corn Moon and the Grain Moon.

According to one of our WOWers she saw sturgeon while kayaking over by Key Peninsula on Sunday. She said they were amazing and huge as they traveled under their kayak and on up the river. We peppered her with questions.

Of course this could be one of "those" fish stories you hear about. Or it could be the effect of the full "sturgeon" moon - you know how the moon affects some people. 

It is interesting to know that Sturgeons are long-lived, late maturing fishes. Their average lifespan is 50 to 60 years, and their first spawn does not occur until they are around 15 to 20 years old. Sturgeons are broadcast spawners, and do not spawn every year because they require specific conditions.

The ecology and life history of green sturgeon have received little study, evidently because of the generally low abundance, limited spawning distribution, and low commercial and sport fishing value of the species (Moyle 2002). Green sturgeon is the most marine species of sturgeon, coming into rivers mainly to spawn (Moyle 2002). Green sturgeons do not spawn every year, and it is believed that the majority of adult green sturgeons are in the ocean at any given time.

Next big event - the Solar Eclipse on August 21! We can't wait.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

In the merry month of May and June

May - seemed cooler and wetter than norm. On one occasion we found other things to do when the steady drizzle seemed too uninviting to row (a rarity in our book). Even into June the cooler weather has persisted. The Festival of Sails although a damp affair provided excitement and community involvement.  The WOWers would like to welcome two new participants - Teri and Lisa - Welcome!

Like the proverbial velveteen rabbit, Verite is full to the brim of memories. So much so she leaks just a little. This 'little' oar boat could tell stories about adventures at low tide, yellow rubber duckies and laughing inside her hard she rocks. Verite has the power to make us leave our 'baggage' on the dock and the gentleness to lighten  the spirit. Now those are what you call true blessings - not those fake ones you hear about on the news.

Have you noticed there are always treats? Well, would you turn                                                                                 down fresh homemade pita bread?





Festival of Sails  - June 15 - 18, 2017