Thursday, May 10, 2018

The best of three rows

The WOWer's boating season is off to a good start. The following images are from April 23, April 30 and May 7th. So often it is just Dingle (the harbor seal) and us out on the water however on our first row there was a drone dispsy-doodling over our heads. Yes, perhaps we look like a wild bunch  that needed surveillance.  The boat often rocks a lot, but that's just laughter rolling out. Of course there's always someone free arm waving to emphasis a point. Yes, perhaps we are dangerous. Why? Because what we set our minds to do, we do it.

Come row with us.... but you might have to be willing to be silly. Thank you Jennifer for wearing the wreath... on your first row too!

On calm waters we even celebrate birthdays.

And when some can't row they can hardly stand it! 
They come watch. 
We love watching them watching us. 
It feels like someone on shore really cares to send us off. 
It is like the reenactment of the ancient mariners bond.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Twenty years!

On April 4, 1998 Vérité was launched from Owens Beach for her maiden voyage.  
Traditions inviting good luck including a christening with a bottle of champagne were empolyed.
(Please refer to the page labeled Vérité's Past under the header to see images of that special day.) 

On April 21, 2018 a twentieth celebration was held for Vérité on that very same beach. 
The traditions obviously brought good luck - Vérité is still going strong. 

The day was amazing.  The weather overhead was sunny and bright,
 but all around the clouds were dark and formidable.  
The luck continues... 

While the Vérité crew sailed  from the Thea Foss Waterway 
cherished friends, family and guests wound 
their way through Point Defiance Park's construction zones. 
Challenges cast aside - all made it in time.
The crew made good time on an outgoing tide 
and was rewarded by a nice crowd of well wishers upon their arrival.  

The afternoon was spent reminiscing, eating and
 enjoying the spirit that surrounds Vérité.  
As the celebration came to a close it was time for  the crew to take her home. 
With a good wind at their backs they sailed back to the Seabase in good time. 

It was such a pleasant day.  
Good memories, good people, good location and great cake! 
Thank you to all who made it possible! 
However, a special, special thank you to Sally and Heather for their vision -
the vision of a boat which could bring a community together.  
I dare say the world would be a much sadder place without Vérité 
and the community that surrounds her.

The following images are in no special order.... 
Thank you Crash, Terese, Sally, and Jan for the memory images.




Happy Birthday Vérité!