Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Turkey Row

We strutted across a horizontal plank like a rafter
 (of hen turkey's) on their way to a corn eatin' contest.
 It was so nice not to have a death grip on the railing as you descended to the dock. 
With many hands it is easy pump out the boat, move the extra oars and to get going 
even if you are dressed like a kid in a snowsuit. 
Which by the way thick layers were pealed off before we left the dock 
because the fog had risen and the sun started to shine as if on cue! 
The day was calm. The tide and the wind were harmoniously calm.
 It was an absolutely beautiful day. 

Out there, we saw at least two harbor seals and several bumps 
which we presumed to be sea lions. They could be heard barking on the far shore so we think, unless of course, it was your hard smoking Uncle Burt here for the holidays? 
A seagull came in close - that was exciting.
 It dashed between oars to pick up a morsel of something (mind you - nothing we shared!)
It was a bit like a scene out of the Alfred Hitchcock movie Birds. 
The bird swirled in fluttering so near it made some of us startle.
Funny to think a movie could leave such an strong impression one reacts instantly
without there being a real need. 

The still water created such lovely reflections. 

Hopefully after it rains the rest of the week we will have nice weather for next Monday's row.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Bail, bail, bail your boat

Yes, a new song:
Bail, bail, bail your boat
Gently pour the stream
Giggles and laughs, drips and splash
Verite's inner scene.

The dockside pump wasn't working again, but the crew didn't let that stop them nor
the two feet of water inside the boat. I wished I had gotten a picture of it, 
but here's what I got:

We went out with a bit of wind and tide and 
after turning around we came smoking back to dockside.
Lickety split!

The clouds were amazing!

And... they didn't rain on us either. 

One thing will be changing on the Thea Foss Waterway - 
they (?) are taking down a building next to the Eleventh Street Bridge. 

 This building with the checkerboard pattern will no longer
be a view as we row. 

 I know, it's just another old building.
No one speaks about its past or previous purpose. 
  In it's dying days it took on a beautiful decrepitude. 
One wonders what will come in its place
and how will it affect the waterway?

Thursday, October 25, 2018

A foggy, foggy day

Monday's row was luscious. It was a bit like being wrapped in a damp blanket of mist. It was a perfect October feeling. The fog lifted just enough so we could go out into Commencement Bay. There were a few other brave hearts that went out past us... and then just disappeared.

It was about this moment we realized we forgot the tea!
How could that be? 
That has never happened before. 
Some little Halloween gremlin no doubt moved it out of sight. 

Thursday, September 20, 2018

September skies

It was a lovely day on the water.

There was a slight breeze, the tide was high and nearly a full boat. 
Anything is possible under those conditions. 
Dingle, the harbor seal came round several times. She's a bit shy so no pictures this time. 

We take it easy.... as several participated in the big fundraiser for the 
Youth Marine Foundation the day before. 
Rain hats off to Sally who always represents Vérité with positivism. 
See us clapping for her!

Most of us would have traded the fancy meal and all the hoopla for time on the boat. 
Well, except for the cookies that were served - because we made them! 
They were delicious. Thank you bakers - the guests enjoyed them too. 
There weren't a one left either!

Nice treats always make everything better, especially rowing.,
unless of course there are so many treats you can't decided what to have!
This time we were nearly in danger of reaching our treat capacity. 
There were finger sandwiches - egg salad, zucchini nut with cream cheese spread.
A ton of nuts, tomatoes, hummm... what else...
oh, basil, motzarella and tomatoes, pear pecan muffins, some kind of cookie like spiced pumpkin?
chocolates, cheese and crackers, and I know there was more. Just no picture verification. 
 It looked like a blooming meal!

Those other boats coming in just better give us room to spread out the treats!

And of course there's always, almost always hot tea!
Lifeboat Tea! (or lemon ginger)
Thanks to Kathleen for slogging the heavy thermoses and cups because
without it, some of us might fall asleep over our full tummies. 

I know.. it is a rough life.