Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Good times

It has been a busy week for the WOWers. The standing rule for the WOWers is - if you can't row, you paint, if you aren't ready to paint you clean and that is just what we did. A tidy storage area is a wonderful thing. It is also wonderful to have so many hands helping. Thank you all who climbed the stairs and rolled up your sleeves.

This past Saturday the WOWers gathered in uniform for the Opening of the All Stitched Up exhibition. Actually, we were the only ones in a uniforms, giggle. I guess it was obvious we were having a grand time. Yet trying to gather everybody up for a photo is the hardest part.

Look this way... oh, what about the book? Everybody shuffle, 
move this way yoo hoo, I can't see you...

 One more for good luck. 

In seconds they were scattering to the winds. 

The joke of the day is:
 according to the news - we are the Edgewood Cooperative. 
Now that is just pure fake news!

We are the WOWers, the mighty mighty WOWers.
Every where we go' oh, people want to know,
Who we are, so we tell them...
We are the WOWers, the Mighty, mighty WOWers!

Note - there's nothing in there about being a cooperative 
and the boat was built and is housed in Tacoma. 

with that all straightened out....

This past Monday 
we were invited to a picnic at Clare's. 
It was great fun. Her whole gang was there.

It rained of course. It wouldn't be a picnic without some moisture
and a table full of WOWer cookies. 

When the party was over...

when we made up our minds to go rowing and of course....
the sun came out!
As it almost always does when we row. 
We have magical powers, don't you know. 

But we also know not to press our luck. 
It was only after I got in my car to leave the rains fell.
And the raindrops fell hard!
Mother NATURE...
We are forever grateful for our time on the water. 

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Two ways of telling a story

This Monday, we had a bit of a surprise. Actually it was a shock.

Like all Mondays the WOWers marched themselves upstairs to where our gear is stored and Holy Cow ...  the life jackets were missing! So is the life ring and the first aid bag! OH, MY - all the twart bags too! I heard Chicken Little say, "The sky is falling!"  and all the little hens scattered. One went down to the boat, one went to the fuel dock to ask if they saw the theft. The stories were flying left and right - maybe it was this the fox or was it the wolf, in the pause I said, let me tell you about my stove pipe story it's just as wild.

Well, soon enough someone used the phone and found out the facts. Sure enough 'somebodies' got away with the boat before low tide. Here's how their story went:

A couple Sunday Sailors got the idea to put a meet up (here I am using concepts I barely understand)  on Facebook.  They invited people from the community who would like to experience rowing and sailing on Verite to come on down. They got a full boat and had a great Labor Day experience which halfway through included hot dogs, potato salad and eventually condiments.

Hearing of this some of the WOWers drove on down to the beach. It was there we shared our tea and goodies met the community members and heard the tales of the day.


Telling these two stories reminds me of a few things:

  • So often when we search for truth it is possible for 2 very contrary ideas to sit right next to each other and still be true. It is our emotions that makes one story better or worse than the other or about right or wrong. 

  • Life doesn't have to always be planned. It is possible to simply flow with it as it plays out.  

  • And the gentle nudge - remember the rule of Life - all things are transitory. The shock of things not being as we expect them can be jarring. Having this boat, a part of our collective lives, is really transitory. It depends on so many things - maintenance, insurance, participation and money to name a few. Just like having a perfect last day of summer to row and sail and picnic on the beach. You just never know when the last hot dog is going to slip out of your tongs and into the sand. We just don't know. We can expand on this to think about those facing the threat of Dorian and those trying to find a new life in America and those just trying to raise a crop. We are reminded time and again to understand the rules of Life. Oh, man, we miss you Voski! The hard truth is rules are rules - Life is transitory.
  • That is why it is important to break bread (even if it is a hot dog bun) and to celebrate each and every day. To remember to take the high road to where you are going, to have a honorable goal and keep the shared humanness in mind. 

Tuesday, August 27, 2019


This Monday we had a High Tea Remembrance Gathering for our dear, dear rower - Voski. This was a woman who touched many people's lives - the Vérité crew was just one group - there were many others. We were so blessed to have had her in our lives.

In her honor we rowed to Thea's Park for High Tea. Stories were shared, little origami boats were made, and sang Voski's song. In addition we drank copious amounts of Life boat tea and ate from a table full of delicious savories and sweets. As the day passed we saw signs of her presence - Dingle, the harbor seal, her shy WOWer water friend stayed at the mouth of the waterway all day long splish splashing and eating fish.  As we looked out to the Bay we spotted an unusual sight coming right toward us  - it was Lady Washington with sails luffing. Truly a special sighting. Equally special was seeing the Tacoma Boat Builders boat, Elder Spirit, being rowed out and sails raised. Voski would have been so proud of the youth and leaders. We know Voski would have howled when HAT Overboard! was shouted out! The hat was saved and once again we were reminded of our brave little friend.  As the day came to a close seeing two tugs (A Crowley and  maybe a Foss?)  working together to bring in a barge reinforced her mantra to work together.

Witnessing this grand day and celebration we were reminded of what Voski stood for.

That was to:

  1. Do your best
  2. Be creative and give it your all 
  3. Work with life as if it were the tides. Learn to go with the flow.
  4. Open the circle to others
  5. Believe in yourself
  6. Be amazed by everything
  7. Celebrate often
  8. Keep learning
  9. Support Life
  10. Connect to Source
We love you Voski!

What's with the phone!

Take off the sun glasses so they can see your sparkling eyes!

Sparkle girls!

All the J's minus one
Janet, Jan, Jill, Jan, Jan and Joan
We missed you Jennifer!